SD WAN Optimization

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Wanos Networks in 2020 coming up with top SD WAN Optimization Solution

SD-WAN which stands for Software defined Wide Area Network is a virtual WAN architecture. It allows enterprises to leverage any combination of transport services such as MPLS, LTE or broadband internet services to securely connect users to applications. It has a central control function which is dedicated to direct traffic across the WAN in a secured way.


Wanos Networks is coming up with top SAD WAN Optimization Solution in 2020. The prime features of this solution is Packet Loss Recovery, Universal Deduplication, TCP Acceleration, Quality of Service, Packet Order Correction, Stream Compression, Path Selection, Bridge Appliance, Net Flow Analytics, Layer7 Firewall, Tunnel Mode and Network Transparency. The prime features of the SD-WAN Optimization can be explained in the following manner.


Reduplication of bandwidth and stream compression via byte-catching is done in real time. It reduces data over the WAN which saves the cost of bandwidth and it also accelerates the Application and improves the user experience. Its Quality of Service, Packet Loss Recovery & Forward Error Correction boosts the link performance which results in a greater application response. Also, TCP Acceleration enhances the performance over sub-optimal network conditions significantly. Bandwidth intensive traffic is redirected by SD-WAN Path selection over a secondary broadband link.


The Wanos Networks SD WAN Optimization Solution is achieved by placing the Wan Acceleration in physical or virtual form on each end of the link. Then, the bandwidth  is sent optimized over the WAN between appliances. This SD-WAN Optimization solution is 100% transparent to the end stations. This cutting edge SD-WAN Optimization Solution provided by Wanos Networks provide 80% of the premium benefits at 20% of the costs which reduces the network costs and accelerates the network speeds through TCP acceleration, Compression, Byte-Caching, Packet Loss Recovery, Caching and related techniques to make your network strong.

Know Work Process and Importance of SD-WAN OPTIMIZATION

There is no doubt that SD-WAN, is definitely one of the most customer-facing applications. It comes with greater bandwidth and more flexibility than conventional WAN services.

SD-WAN, is also used by many service providers to provide and manage their connectivity with other groups in the organization. One of the most business-critical functions of SD-WAN is that in case of any failure, it self-heal to maintain its services.

Many people consider SD-WAN optimization, a mere replacement for WAN optimization. But this is not completely true, in fact in the more general format they both work much better in combinations.

Wanos networks, SD-WAN optimization is glad that business houses are keen to adapt to the new changes. The vendors are adopting the qualities of SD-WAN and WAN optimization at a faster pace. Now, they are even open to merge the two to get the combined benefits.

Merging of SD-WAN and WAN Optimization

We got to understand the cloud isn’t going anywhere. It stands as the biggest challenge among service providers and getting better connectivity. Therefore, vendors have now switched to overcome some of these challenges by combining the two forces of optimization.

Wanos networks have come across many vendors who keep both SD—WAN and WAN optimization both in one loop. This helps them connect to the remote area while keeping the work efficiency intact.

This clearly indicates that what matters is user-experience rather than which application is installed.

When we talk about user-experience, their main concern is getting better IT solutions. They are not interested in evaluating separate vendors for SD-WAN and WAN optimization. All they need is to be careful regarding the application awareness.

The services offered by this application include optimizing traffic based on the importance of each application. This certainly doesn’t mean that you do not need the visibility across the WAN.

With all this, it is certain that SD-WAN and WAN optimization go hand-in hand. To get better connectivity features opt for installations from vendors that provide both the services.