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Top wan optimization products and service list from wanos

WAN ( Wide area network ) Optimization is an important part of software business because it deals with the collection of the right techniques that is responsible for increasing efficiency of data transfer across Wide Area Networks ( WANs). It’s what helps us transfer the maximum amount of data across networks using the minimum resources possible. It increases the efficiency of the system by reducing the amount of data to be transferred ( using techniques like deduplication ) and by overcoming latency. Moving on further, the next part of WAN optimization is Software-Defined WAN Optimization. Wanos Networks is one such platform that provides its users with SD wan optimization with increased efficiency control, data security, and ROI ( Return on Investment ).


Features provided by Wanos Networks -

1. Universal Deduplication - It helps in reducing redundancy by eliminating duplicate data at the byte level and using references instead.


2. Packet Loss Recovery - Due to link quality, there’s always packet loss in data transmission. Wanos is configured to provide Packet Loss Recovery to increase TCP acceleration.


3. Stream Compression - Stream compression of real-time data helps in saving bandwidth and increasing compression ratios.


4. Quality of service - Wanos Networks provide the best Quality of Service there is by giving priority to important business traffic and reducing the priority of bulk traffic.


5. Layer7 Firewall - Layer7 firewall is an Application layer firewall of Open System Interconnection provided to support application and end-user processes thus increasing data security.


6. Bridge appliances - Optimization provided by wanos networks is by default based on a bridge appliance and is used to preserve the natural flow of traffic.


7. Tunnel mode - Tunnel mode is the complement of previously mentioned bridge appliance and is a more flexible deployment way to route traffic through various ends in a wide area network.


8. Path Selection - Wanos networks optimization solution helps in choosing the best path for transmission of data in such a way that it does not congest at one particular end.

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SD Wan optimization How to optimize for best speed in 2020

Optimization is the need of today's world be it anything or everything. Similarly, Wan optimization is the need of the hour in Computer Networks in order to regulate network traffic by transferring larger amounts of data using the least possible resources. By transmitting maximum information using minimum resources possible which further increases the working efficiency of the project by overcoming latency, and reducing the cost.


The next step in maintaining Wan optimization is SD wan-optimization. These days, SD-Wan is the new emerging technology and is being used by many of the leading companies. It has been found that about one-third of enterprises are already using the SD wan optimization technique.


SD Wan optimization basically refers to Software-Defined Wide Area Network. It is a virtual connection between local area networks which are separated by some distance which can vary from a few kilometers to thousands of kilometers. SD wan optimization technique is said to cut out the need for more advanced and aggressive wan optimization techniques. After using SD wan optimization enterprises have seen a rise in their user experience and business productivity.


Benefits of using SD wan optimization:-

1. Using SD wan optimization reduces or totally eliminates the need to use any kind of routers separately because the primary control is centralized. Control is detached from the hardware which simplifies the management of networks and improves the delivery process.


2. SD wan optimization follows the principle of Dynamic path selection which means that it is capable of selecting the path for the traffic onto one or other WAN links depending on the traffic control flow accordingly on its own. Data might be needed to transfer to another link if it is not working very well or in order to maintain the traffic flow balance.


3. SD wan optimization simplifies and manages complex data networks. It gives the control of complex networks to IT which further responds by working according to changing business needs.


4. SD wan optimization increases ROI ( Return on Investment ) by improving the performance and efficiency of the project.


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Wan Optimization Solutions in 2020 are better with TCP Accelerator

SD-WAN stands for Software Defined Wide Area Network. They are used mainly for transmission of data in bulk. Due to competitive and cutting edge technologies in 2020, it is always desirable to introduce some algorithm to maximize the efficiency of this bulk transmission. SD-WAN Optimization comes into the picture when it requires user to transmit data in bulk with higher efficiency and more transparency. When it comes to SD-WAN Optimization, the solution provided by Wanos Networks is unmatchable in the market. It saves a huge amount of money on bandwidth cost and accelerates the application to improve the user experience.


Out of many prime features, TCP Acceleration is the most significant feature which dramatically improves the performance over sub-optimal network conditions. TCP Acceleration offered by Wanos Networks in their WAN Optimization Solution is an optional feature which can be enabled on the WAN Accelerator or improve the performance while sending TCP traffic on the sub-optimal network conditions. It helps in accelerating the TCP performance and also slowing down the TCP stack implementations.


WAN Optimization Solution is better with TCP Acceleration as it uses few secret techniques to improve the WAN and reduce the cost of bandwidth. The functioning of TCP Acceleration can be seen as use of High Speed TCP for high-speed high-delay networks. It takes help of Window Scaling to set the desired window sizes to avoid the throughput limitation of a sub optimal TCP window size. Selective Acknowledgment is another feature which comes handy when sender is notified to re-transmit only those packets which were missing during initial transmission and the packets were lost and those packets were unrecoverable through packet loss recovery feature. That is why we can say that WAN Optimization Solutions in 2020 are much better with TCP Accelerator. These features results in faster file transfers for TCP-based applications.


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Why wanos networks wan optimization solutions in 2020 most liking product

WAN ( Wide Area Network ) Optimization is collection of techniques that help in controlling excess data traffic and increasing data flow efficiency across a wide area network. WAN Optimization is necessary to avoid latency and packet loss rate in order to maintain the level of performance of all the applications running on that particular network.


Reasons why you should choose Wanos networks WAN optimization products over others -


1. Cost Reduction - SD WAN Optimization Solution by Wanos Networks in 2020 reduces data over the wide area network which in turn saves bandwidth cost and improves user experience by speeding up the applications.


2. Centralized control function - wanos networks provide us with a dedicated to direct traffic across the WAN in a secure way.


3. Network Transparency - In transparent WAN optimization architecture optimizations are applied to the traffic "payload" and original and critically-important IP and TCP headers are preserved.


4. Quality of Service - One of the most important feature of any WAN optimizer is its quality of service because without Network Bandwidth Control, the bandwidth demanding applications will fill the newly created available bandwidth. Quality of Service ensures the priority applications get access to the new free bandwidth.


5. Universal Deduplication - Duplicate bytes tend to occupy more space in memory. Thus to avoid deduplicate byte patterns cross flow deduplication is introduced.


6. Bridge Appliance - By default wan optimizer are based on a bridge appliance which enables quick and simple deployment, is non-intrusive and preserves the natural traffic flow.


7. Tunnel Mode - Wanos supports bridge mode by default but in some cases tunnel mode can be considered. Traffic that has to be tunneled to the remote site is required to be routed to the wanos instance by creating an IPComp or UDP tunnel.


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How Use Wanos Appliance SD-WAN & WAN Optimizer to Accelerate Application Speed

IT organizations are under immense pressure to meet rising cloud traffic capacity demands, mobile device proliferation, and high-bandwidth applications like video. Wanos appliance helps you to migrate, adopt, deploy and securely manage purpose-based networking as the cloud continues to drive a greater need for SD-WAN. Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is a new network connectivity approach that reduces operating costs and improves the use of resources for multi-site deployments. SD-WAN allow network administrators to make more efficient use of available bandwidth and guarantee the highest level of performance for critical applications without compromising protection. SD-WAN savings not only pay for infrastructure upgrades, but also free up company technology tools.

Today, when rearchitecting their WANs, businesses are increasingly embracing SD-WAN as a preferred solution. SD-WAN is improving the way networks support business applications, dramatically increasing the efficiency of applications by intelligently managing and using all available WAN transport resources more efficiently. SD-WAN and WAN optimization solves fundamentally different problems. They are complementary when deployed together.


The SD-WAN approach with integrated WAN automation provides a truly high-performance WAN that can maximize the experience of end-user applications at all locations. Together they provide the best infrastructure for all business applications.


Network organizations can be confident in knowing that practically every SD-WAN solution they adopt is likely to make at least a modest improvement in some use cases results. Nonetheless, the potential solutions should be closely examined by network organizations that are preparing to implement a SD-WAN approach and want to make a more significant improvement in the quality of a wide range of use cases. They will look to SD-WAN solutions that support advanced functionality such as FEC and POC and also provide as needed integrated WAN automation features such as de-duplication or spoofing.


So if you really like a good pancake with maple syrup, you should never go for SD-WAN without unified WAN optimization.

WAN Accelerator How Important and Reaching to Everyone

To avail WAN caching and optimization services, you need a network to provide with WAN accelerator access. It is claimed to be a combination of both hardware and software network. The basic function of WAN accelerator is to provide different services that enhance the user experience and increase the speed of data transactions.

For these reasons, it is also named as the application accelerator or bandwidth accelerator. It efficiently manages services to provide maximum performance output by bandwidth optimization.


The main concept behind the working of WAN accelerator is that it manages data deduplication, compression and caching. What WAN accelerator does is, it acts as an intermediate device between the different branches or offices that are connected with data centers.


The working of WAN accelerator involves monitoring of incoming and outgoing traffic to remove duplicate data. In addition to this, it also compresses data before transmission to increase the speed and optimizing network protocols and overall WAN operations.



WAN uses compression to speed up the time it takes for information to flow back and forth across various channels. Another important component is the data deduplication technique under which it reduces the amount of data that needs to be transmitted.



Earlier accelerators using an external hardware appliance at each end that worked as a WAN link. It went well for the branch offices that worked on a centralized corporate data center, but it didn’t prove to be any help for the company’s mobile or remote users.


An improvement was made with the introduction of mobile software that worked as a localized appliance to allow remote user’s computer to cache duplicate files. These mobile clients could easily connect to the corporate WAN accelerator or to the hardware appliances with dedicated hardware servers.

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To amplify the efficiency of data-transfer a new technology and technique are devised using WAN optimization. With WAN optimization you can easily manage the network by setting priority for traffic and sorting the bandwidth. The techniques employed in WAN optimization are listed below:


•    It is designed in a manner to shape the traffic according to the priority and bandwidth allocation.

•    One of the most efficient features is data deduplication that means it reduces the data which is redundant.

•    Data caching, data compression and other features enable smooth functioning of the network.

Why is WAN Optimization important?

With growing networking, it has become altogether more important to keep up with the advances in technology, and other features. It is significant in driving more and more traffic over the WAN accelerator. Some other benefits of WAN optimization have been listed below:-

1. Quicker file accessibility: With the ability of data caching, it allows users to access most frequently used files at a greater speed rather than reloading the documents.


2. Enables mobile workers and remote locations: With modern technology now you can easily transfer data between branch offices and other headquarters with WAN accelerator. It accelerates the transaction like transfer of files, improving network speed and communications such as e-mail.


3. Improved performance: With so much optimization you get additional bandwidth to run other functions more smoothly and speedily.


4. More reliable and faster data recovery: The technology employed is so advanced that it takes a backup of data easier that is essential for disaster recovery. Wan optimization also increases the response time that enables users to connect with the servers rapidly in case of applications running through a crash.


5. Increased efficiency: Wan optimizations have a protocol that allows for latency with the maximum utilization of bandwidth and relieves network congestions.


6. Cost savings: Despite being so friendly and with effective equipment installation it allows space for application consolidations that reduces its cost.

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Technical Facts about SD-WAN Optimization services in CANADA and U.S.A

There is no doubt in the fact that education has embraced its shades with digital transformation. This means that everyone now requires greater speed and access to the data at a more base level. In this growing environment, it has become extremely important to use a more strategic way of optimizing data that is SD-WAN optimization.


In one of the most recent studies conducted it proved that SD WAN optimization services in Canada and U.S.A play a vital function. These services not only increase the schools to shift from MPLS to broadband but ensure students with a reliable, fast and secure network.

This is why many services provide use the software to define WAN rather than complex network structure to reduce the cost. In addition to these options, the software agencies also provide secure SD-WAN solutions and promise clients of data privacy and guarantee protection regulations.


Some of the features and qualities of SD-WAN optimization are listed below:-

•  Faster Bandwidth

•  Integrated Security

•  Cost-Effective Operations


Secure and Enhanced structure

This new technology provides many benefits and one of them is enhanced IoT performance within the system utilization. It simply means faster bandwidth at an easy price with data security intact. Some more advanced dealers also use the tunnel bandwidth aggregation to ensure the bandwidth without any sort of compromises.


Networking Test Report

In the present world apart from being able to access and secure data, it is rather more important to be able to have a secure digital environment. This software provides leverage of an integrated portfolio of security solutions as it operates through a single-pane-of-glass view. It simply means that it blocks any sort of invasion into the system with almost 99.9% security effectiveness.



It means with SD-WAN optimization clients can aspect better security from the growing threats of IoT and inter-connectivity. This solution stands out from all others and solves the major system installation issues without any cost addition. SD-WAN optimization stands as an alternative word for everything from fast, integrated security and to cost-effectiveness.

Get WAN Optimization Solution and Software Anytime Anywhere

The world of networking is switching to cloud computing. This has been given rise to software development for better WAN optimization services. With optimization solution optimizing the application more vendors are planning to accelerate the application across the hybrid WAN. This means you can have better visibility into the application along with the network performance to redefine the end- user experience.


This technology combines network services to enhance performance metrics with deep visibility. The vendors make use of this technology to troubleshoot and fix problems at users end. Technology is emerging at a fast pace that leverage the vendors to apply a new approach to complete the set of network services. Many users are taking advantage of this local enforcement to drive businesses.



Accelerated performance

The basic concern of vendors is to provide clients with the best end-user experience by implementing the hybrid WAN. It certainly lifts the application working and takes the performance to the next level.


Complete IT control

One of the most beneficial benefits in terms of getting a secure connection is that you can control your system like a wizard approach. This also means that you have a application centric service policies that fit to your needs.


Data protection

To secure data in a high-paced world is the major concern of many organizations and with the WAN OPTIMIZATION software you get access to secure traffic.


Problem resolution

Yes, with this technology in working you can resolve all your troubles at a faster rate and get access to improved IT visibility parameters.


This is not all, now you can get WAN optimization solutions and software anytime. It certainly means that your network is not only better but also has increased security system for any sort of data deduplication and data redundancy.

How to Get best in the SD-WAN optimization software world

To bring a new approach to the world of networking WAN optimization was replaced by the Software-defined Wide Area Networking. It not only enhances the security of optimal application performances but is much more simple and speedy. This technology would certainly eliminate the fibre that used to tag along with the smooth functioning of WAN optimization.


The need of the hour is to understand whether you are lagging behind or how to get the best in the SD-WAN optimization software world. It’s acceptable to see the increasing demand for bandwidth and adaptation to cloud-based servers. All you need to understand is that there is a key criterion to select the best network solutions for your business purposes. The traditional network solutions often struggle to deliver the right application performances and sometimes caused a critical loss to the business. This requirement is sustained with the help of installing expensive fibres and various LAN solutions like MPLS and QoS that requires continuous management.

The modern technology is much simpler and rapid that adapts changes quickly. It simply means that you can now transfer data across great distances without long fibre installations. Many branches have switched to this location-based communication and collaborated with other networks to broaden their remote staff. This certainly provides them with the data coverage and availability of large storage for data accessibility of networking.


The trick is to configure the wide-area network correctly that is can carry the impressive speed with data transitions. It is certainly entailing when WAN you are required to use this consciously and keep a check on the maintenance of the network. But somehow when they slow down the optimization service providers could easily fix it up with the tools to let the problems be easily taken care off.


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