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How to Optimize Wan accelerator for Office Performance Best Solution

Companies of all sizes depend upon Office 365 to make their business work and increase their productivity. But cloud app performance won't be as good as it can be without modernizing the wide-area network with a solution that can intelligently route and secure SaaS traffic. Nothing does that better than SD WAN Optimization, The software-defined networking solution build for today's hybrid,multi-cloud, and virtualized IT environment.


Clouds apps and services like Office 365 move data outside of the network perimeter with legacy WAN's that use costly MPLS in action to backhaul traffic through centralized data centers, these connections are subject to latency and other issues. In comparison, Modern SD WAN OPTIMIZATION uses inexpensive internet connection to route SaaS traffic directly from a remote location. Even more, they identify your Office 365 traffic and route it to the nearest Microsoft door to level up to five times faster upload and up to ten times faster-downloading data. But its the powerful combination of an SD WAN OPTIMIZATION and a workspace that would make Office 365 experience truly unique and better and because of the software-driven approach, It is easy to add locations, applications, change the policies, unlike the obsolete router-based model.


Benefits Served-

Users are able to work on a fully integrated workspace with a single sign-in on access to the Office 365 apps that he/she uses every day and with the help of SD WAN OPTIMIZATION, which intelligently identifies, prioritizes, and routes Office 365 traffic to reduce latency and boost performance, many Businesses are shifting towards SD-Wan for the effective routing of the traffic across the WAN which uses software instead of the routing tables (as used in the case of the legacy WAN) for the routing the data from Source to Destination.


The many types of wan optimization techniques are - Compression, Quality of service, traffic shaping, etc, are the most beneficial for businesses today because they allow businesses to make bandwidth consumption optimally and not upgrading to any higher bandwidths and thus reducing the cost. This feature richness of SD-WAN leads to consistent application performance and hence the security.

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What is wan accelerator products by wanos in 2020?

As we are moving into the 2020 so it’s time to upgrade our systems. WAN accelerator has come a long way since its first launch and now it’s only getting better. At once it used to focus on product development but now the direction has been moved to provide a better customer experience. WANOS will be introducing many changes in WAN accelerator process to speed up the process.


Bridge Appliance:- Wanos has always set up the default bridge appliance in its appliances to provide the user with quick and simple deployment. This process has now been transformed to become none- intrusive to preserve the natural traffic flow without any extra application of system hardware.


Layer7 Firewall:- The data is no more secure with all the hitch technology and in this Fastrack world we need to stay ahead. That’s why wants introduced the new version of layer 7 firewalls with the wanos wan accelerator. This is a better packet with the inspection applications and signatures that mark the branch edge.


Tunnel Mode:- To compliment the high speed and availability access the new model comes with the bridge model internally fitted with it. As a part of the system hardware and software, this would be able to flexibly transmit the routing of traffic over different variants. This means an alternative mode for the wan optimizer is always available in times of need.


Network Transparency:- It’s one of the major element which would be launched as the new feature for the WAN accelerator model of 2020 by WANOS network. The network visibility perseveres under the right of source and destination to make it secure and profound. It means no more role of proxy or translated address and you could trace back the authenticated WAN optimizer.


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SD WAN Optimization and WAN Optimizer Working Together? Guidance and Support Tips

Since the development of SD WAN optimizer, the world of networking has certainly overcome many hurdles. It is on it’s the way to become the most sorted form of communication and networking whether in terms of installation, maintenance or quality input. The main source of such productive outcome is that rather than just abandoning the old techniques it gives way to use it with the modernized system and define the new era of technology.

For the convince of the users we have listed out some guideline and support tips below:-


• TCP flow optimization or the TFO is one of the great agents in improving the TCP stack that brings uniformity. Along with this it also mitigates the inherent lack of slow start or rather the general flow control. It is advisable to use the TFO instead of TCP as it reduces the latency that automatically results in faster transfer within the optimal bandwidth.


• DRE - Everyone is already aware of the advanced data/wan compression system that comes embedded in the system. All we advise is to use the DRE that matches the byte stream and sets the signature to reduce the data sent over WAN repeatedly.


• Optimization of a path- Set the network application that is aligned with the best path to ensure it’s long-time availability and response.


• Server optimisation- At times you need to check with your service providers to avoid load balancing and losing connection management. Try installing the SSL or offloading secure socket layer.


• WAN SECURITY– Firewalls, SSL encryption and threats protection are must for any critical business information assets to maintain the most needed security and breach of any crucial information.


• Secure VPN- Try to enable the direct spoke to spoke communication to promote low – latency paths.


• DNS optimization- To ensure the speedy application delivery make sure to accelerate DNS lookups.


These are some essentials that you should check immediately when you sign up with your vendors for SD wan optimization.

What is WAN Accelerator How it Become so Useful for WAN Optimization

One thing you can be sure of with WAN acceleration is that you can see immediate benefits and return on investment. The main aspect of its working is that it controls the traffic for remote locations.


This new technology provides you with a broad range of protocols that can be clearly pinpointed. It greatly manages the flow of data across a Wide Area Network.

Working of WAN accelerator

It efficiently manages the traffic flow process by controlling bandwidth allocation. This would significantly improve the processing of your data uploading speed. Other features are listed below:


• De-duplication: With the introduction of intelligent compression or generally, know as data deduplication. It will help you reduce redundant data that would cut the amount of data being transmitted over the network connection.


• Caching: With this, you can monitor the most accessed data or to say you can check how frequently a data is being sent over. After that, the data is stored at a local server to more the working of the network.


• Network Monitoring: With the feature to monitor the data, you can easily identify traffic which is not essential for your business. In others, once you identify the things which are not essential you can easily manage the data flow.


• Compression: To increase the speed of the data the basic trick is to compress the size of the data packets which automatically enhances the bandwidth. Another WAN application can be used in the same place to modify the results.


Immediate Benefits

You can easily install these accelerators with your current network processor without disturbing any of its settings. It is easy to spot the instant benefits like increased speed and performance. It is very beneficial for a remote location as it set up the Voice over Internet Protocol.

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