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How SD-WAN Optimization is Legacy in WAN

The Wide Area Network is mainly concerned with connecting users to its applications and routing data over long distances with connectivity for collaboration among enterprise users, clients, and stakeholders among distributed geographical locations.


While disaster recovery of important data even exists today, however, the explosion of cloud services and inflexibility of multi-protocol label switching MPLS networks has forced to rethink enterprise WAN optimization as cloud applications became more pervasive throughout today's enterprises, there is also a dire need for enterprises to operate at cloud speed by 2018.


SD-WAN Optimization Benefits

It is also predicted that SaaS(Software as a Service) will become the dominant model for consuming application functionality for approximately 80% of all organizations likely to result in the loss of visibility and application control by the IT team, But it would be good if we could use the Internet to augment MPLS and cut 60 percents of the costs.


Switch carriers replace MPLS with Broadband simplify branch connectivity and deploy a branch in minutes, By transitioning to SD-WAN, enterprises can reduce their dependency on expensive MPLS connectivity by the creation of a virtual LAN overlay and customers do not have to overhaul any existing when investments rather they can gain quality when accessed via any available data service like broadband, 3G, 4G or MPLS.


Instead of paying high-cost MPLS, users can now access comparatively lower cost bandwidths by being able to rapidly connect with any available network service be it broadband, 3G, 4G which further ensures that connectivity decisions can be made independently which help enterprises avoid delays and provide faster branch deployment. Also, Security buyer encryption and WAN hardening secure branch offices, PCI compliance is achieved through traffic segmentation and no unauthorized is allowed to enter the branch.


Thus, SD-WAN puts each of your branches closer to your cloud and SaaS applications and gives you the ability to have a single view over your whole network. SD-WAN Optimization enhances up to 50 times data transfer efficiency, and optimization benefits packet loss recovery up to 1%, with a latency rate reduction to 150 ms and jitter to 10 ms.

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Wanos Tcp Acceleration Apply These Secret Techniques To Improve WAN

WAN stands for Wide Area Network. These are largely used for bulk data transmission. Due to competitive and cutting edge technologies, it is always desirable to introduce some algorithm to maximize the efficiency. SD-WAN (Software defined Wide Area Network) Optimization comes into the picture when it requires user to transmit with higher efficiency and more transparency. When it comes to SD-WAN Optimization, the solution provided by Wanos Networks is unmatchable in the market. It saves a huge amount of money on bandwidth cost and accelerates the application to improve the user experience.

One of its most significant feature is TCP Acceleration which significantly improves the performance over sub-optimal network conditions. This prime feature offered of TCP Acceleration offered by Wanos Network improves the WAN. It is an optional feature which can be enabled on the WAN Accelerator or improve the performance while sending TCP traffic on the suboptimal network conditions. It also helps in improving the TCP performance and well as slowing down the TCP stack implementations.

The TCP Acceleration uses few secret techniques to improve the WAN and reduce the bandwidth cost. Few of these techniques can be understood in following line. It uses High Speed TCP for high-speed high-delay networks. It also utilize Windows Scaling to set the desired window sizes so that it could avoid the throughput limitation of a suboptimal TCP window size. Selective Acknowledgment is another very useful feature in which sender is notified to retransmit only those packets which were missing  during initial transmission and the packets were lost and those packets were unrecoverable through packet loss recovery feature. In its another acknowledgment feature called Local Acknowledgement, the acknowledgments are sent locally in between proxy and server. At the same time, it is also sent in between proxy and client. This results in reduction of idle time to wait for the acknowledgements. These features results in faster file transfers for TCP-based applications.

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SD wan optimizer products and support best in the city

SD WAN Optimization is the need of today’s world. With this cutting edge technology one can reduce the data over the WAN which helps in saving the bandwidth costs. It also accelerates the Application and improves the user experience. The Quality of service including Packet Loss Recovery and Forward Error Correction enhance the link performance to ensure the best of application response. This provides the Stream Compression and bandwidth deduplication using byte-caching in real time. One of its prime features, TCP Acceleration boosts the performance over sub-optimal network conditions. Also, SD-WAN Path Selection helps to redirect the intensive traffic of bandwidth over a secondary broadband link.


There are many features that makes the SD WAN Optimizer product offered by Wanos Network to stand out of the crowd. To name of few among them are Packet Loss Recover, TCP Acceleration, Packet Order Correction, Path Selection, NetFlow Anaytics, Layer7 Firewall etc. these are few features which make this optimizer best in the city. It helps in saving the bandwidth cost and increases the Network Transparency by preserving the Source and Destination addresses. It doesn’t translate addresses or proxy traffic.


The SD WAN Optimizer products and support provide by the Wanos Networks is best in the city. The support system is unmatchable as you don’t need to bother to run here and there. All you need to do is to get in touch with them by any of the given means. You may find the Admin Guide which is available on the Documentation section on the website which covers all the sections right from getting started to installation guide, troubleshooting as well as video guides for beginners. If it doesn’t resolve your query then you may get a personalized assistance by sending an email to them at You may also log a support ticket to get assisted by contacting them on the Support Portal on their website.


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6 ways to boost wan optimization bandwidth and taking higher in 2020

Wan Optimization has taken all new shape over the years and is continuously working on to get ahead with time. We have listed some of the key issues to evaluate your next move for SD WAN optimization 2020. With everything in place you can make sure that your networking system is all set and is routed deep in the system.


Vendor viability

You can be over whelmed with a market that offers over fifty active suppliers. The highly dynamic market is routing towards the next generation of firewall providers.


Accelerating cloud onramps

Almost every other vendors have some sort of partnership with leading cloud platforms that accelerate traffic coming to and from cloud platforms. You can also choose from a variety of methods to accelerate and streamline traffic flows. Various organizations have been implementation cold operating strategies to provide end-to-end performance visibility. The operating technology improves the IT to migrate to and from to implement SD-WAN optimization.


Improved support for SaaS

IT industry is moving towards the CRM control and API’s management tools. This would help go get unified communications to imply various software services.


Built-in security

SD-WAN operators require additional deployments with abundant bandwidth to ensure various corporate policy. It had certainly opened new branch locations that include traffic visibility, policy controls and against the direct threats and attacks.


Enhanced security partnerships

Many organizations are heading towards securing dedicated corporate assets against the attack. Every industry is seeking the next-generation firewalls, application- delivery all integrated into one SD WAN optimization system. They get various frameworks of existing security designs.


Management, automation and orchestration

Now new management system provides you with set application performance and routing the decision-making process much simpler. IT administrator quickly manages the location add or drop ISP’s onboard application that connects various devices.

Wanos Networks SD WAN optimization vs WAN optimization

The very fact that differentiates using WAN optimization technique over SD-WAN optimization is to know that it’s about data transfer. It certainly involved collecting the data and utilising the technology in both aspects but prioritization is what handles everything. SD-WAN functions at its best to amplify the efficiency of the network. The main functionality of a WAN network that stands out is that it involves working over the setup that follows the installation guidelines.


Wanos Networks are used for optimizing wan based products in order to reduce the cost of bandwidth and technology of wan acceleration for networks. In these networks, the premium version of wan optimization solutions are not considered to be viable when talking in terms of price value. Wanos Networks came into existence in order to provide an easy and economical way out for wan optimization. Wanos Networks offer 80% premium advantages at 20% regular wan optimization costing to the vendor.


All this didn’t end up well with the WAN optimization is formulated in a better assembly line with SD-WAN optimization just being able to build better bandwidth for networks, it certainly goes beyond. Some of the most interesting features that differentiate the two are listed below:-


• Traffic shaping- It means that you will no longer deal with the irrelevant data. Earlier in WAN optimization, the main error was a collection of over driven data and finding the best route to divert it but with SD-WAN we got there too. Yes, it’s possible to divert the irrelevant traffic in one direction. This surely saves you a lot of time and efforts for the big business houses.


• Redundancy- As we said the WAN optimizer stores up all the information every time you access it.The main trouble the companies had was data redundancy, but not anymore the SD-WAN optimizer is fit for eliminating the duplicate data.


• The new technology that is installed in SD-WAN optimizer can now automatically compress the data with an increased flow of data.


• Another amazing fact that values better than simpler WAN optimizer are that with this application can transfer a bundle of streamlined data without worrying about different protocols.


What made WAN optimisation important earlier was its need to transfer the data but in the better world everything that matter is automatically connected with speed, cost-effective and efficiency that’s what SD-WAN optimization model is designed.


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sd wan optimization process

sd wan optimization

Get WAN OPTIMIZATION for Fast and Steady Internet Speed

WAN optimization is mainly concerned about the WAN acceleration to improve the efficiency experience. It is obtained by monitoring the data flow across a wide area network (WAN) and reduces the roadblocks that delay data transfer. The technology is growing at a fast pace and moving forwards to provide better connectivity. Most of the service providers are working towards implementing new technology to provide better facilities to the users. The concept of WAN optimization encompasses various features like traffic shaping, data de-duplication, compression and much more.


Being a new technology, people usually find it a bit complicated to understand. This is because of on-site equipment and not the underlying network, giving operators leeway to gain customers who are not using them exclusively.


It has an inbuilt ability of data caching, which makes local server faster to access data because the frequently used data is stored locally. Another quality of WAN is that it shrinks the size of data to limit the bandwidth use, so you can compress the data easily to make space for more.


WAN optimization can be improvised with the help of a service provider if they are willing to put equipment on every single customer premise. This will build a strong network for communication and will enable you to avail the best possible services. With growing advancement, many telecom operators are balancing the flexibility to work according to the needs of a solid, standardized portfolio of services and at various levels.


The primary optimization is mainly concerned about setting the base at building rather than connecting the main lanes with various topology to get better connectivity. This has certainly made WAN optimization the subject of extensive academic research to get you more flexibility. Such researches are conducted to increase the performance parameters of overall network capacity. Many newly computed machines learning models or multimedia are optimized for fast and efficient geo-replication of data.


One of the most attractive qualities of WAN-accelerators is that they can be installed without disturbing the current network process. You can notice the benefits right from after the appliance places the initial data transfer into the cache. We have listed some of the additional benefits that come along with WAN-optimization.

•    Maintain consistency

As the WAN-accelerator regularly clears up the cache, it provides much space for consistency. Once your workflow is optimized it automatically reduces variance that means greater consistency. Now you can easily understand that with consistency comes more predictability at both input and output levels.

•    Identify weaknesses

With better WAN-optimization, you can easily detect the weakness as well as improve them for better workflow. Apart from identifying weakness it also makes you more aware of gaps in the process, loopholes and any shortcoming of the processor.

•    Streamline the mundane

Not every task is interesting to do; some things can be really boring, mundane and may be manually very intensive but are crucial to be performed by the team. With WAN optimization you can easily eliminate such activities this would seriously streamline the whole process and provide you ample amount of time and energy o focus on more essential elements.

•    Enhance the customer experience

Who doesn’t want happy customers? Workflow optimization is your way to improve customer experience. With WAN-optimization being installed your team can easily communicate with each other and resolve customers issue with confidence.

With so much to get from workflow optimization, how can you not want to get it installed right away? It really matters in the youthful operation as it moves ahead.

Many industries like workers and telecommuters can immediately benefit from WAN accelerators. This technology offers a solution that is compatible with mobile devices and as well as PCs and laptops. Wan provides you a faster file transfer, database access, and some industry-specific applications.

Best SD WAN Optimization Service at Affordable Rates in United States

The technical industry is witnessing the amazing stories of success with the emergence of SD-WAN technology. It is mainly the result of vendors who always seek to provide best possible services to their clients and improve the networking world.


All these efforts have lead to deliver on the performance and cost-reduction when these software was initially launched. The market these days is getting highly competitive and all trying to improvise the current services.

The world of networking is fast moving from simple WAN optimization to the software defined WAN optimisation connections. The most effortless technology is now moving forward to make the solution an epitome of “gut check time”. It is certainly a big deal and is creating a good stance for the vendors who supply all these technical support.


Some of the main qualities of the best SD WAN optimization at affordable prices in USA. These companies are practically synonymous with hardware routers. If any company can provide you both these facilities you really hit a jackpot. Along with this if you get a portion of the recusing cloud-related subscription services that means you are leading the world in terms of availing the best networking connection.


The next important thing is to link this networking with the headwinds that are necessary to continue integrating the software strength of SD-WAN. This certainly leads to increased bandwidth and enhanced user experience with simplified technology. The main agenda of the vendor is to provide a bridge between different companies. This technology is being utilised over 80 countries at present with much improvised technical support.


Yet, another way to enhance the connectivity is to implement the hybrid or broadband WAN software. This certainly eliminates the need for hardware replacement and takes the switch form or integration that comes along with MPLS. It also impacts the persona of vendors and let them build a effective Stratford that enhances their market share and brand positioning.

Finding World Class Service and Products for Software-defined wan optimization

To have a comforting network performance it is must to select the optimal SD-WAN solution. We understand that it is vital for an organization to provide their user with best services and for that you need to have the best WAN edge enterprise.


Everyone at this point is talking about improvising their network but the big question is how? Vendors tell you about the superiority of the products as compared to others in the market but which features to choose is a big question.


So, to make your life comfortable we have laid down various parameters in this paper on how to choose the best SD-WAN solutions.


We need to keep in mind that SD-WAN are all about improving application performance to strengthen your business community at a lower cost. But the need of the hour is to move beyond this ground performance marks and look deeper and understand what is the actual difference between the solution that vendor have to offer.


Let’s start with an example of Citrix SD-WAN, It is certainly considered one of the leading company in this business. They mainly focus on the value of SD-WAN optimization solution that is crucial for the digital enterprise infrastructure. We need to understand that adding capacity is not the question rather the outages or the poor performance matter. Due to these latencies, many enterprises suffer a major image loss.


Finding the world-class service and products for software-defined WAN optimization is not a cup of tea. It means you need to consider many other factors like:-

• Checking flexible internet and 4G/LTE connections in place of the earlier MPLS links

• Moving the storage to cloud with automation

• Better user-driven experience including application services like SaaS, cloud and other virtual apps


The idea of perfect SD-WAN is different for everyone you need to shortlist what are your company’s prime objectives and which vendors fit in all aspects of it.


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